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Verifying Your Identity

To gain access to some private programs you may consider having your identity verified. All you have to do is upload a photo of your identification document to the Bugcrowd platform, where we use a third-party provider, Netverify, to perform the identity check.

Verification Attempts

You have 2 attempts to verify your identity.

Step 1: Have Your Identification Document Available

You can use your passport, identity card, or driver's license as your identification document.

Netverify lets you either upload a photo of your identification document or take a photo of your identification document with your web camera.

You'll be able to choose the method that works best for you.

Step 2: Go to Your Account Settings

Log in to Bugcrowd and go to your account settings.

Click the Identity Verification tab.

Step 3: Start the Verification Process

Click the Start Identity Verification button to begin the identification process.

You will be redirected to Netverify. Click the Start verification button to begin the verification process through Netverify.

Step 4: Select Your Country of Citizenship

Enter your document's issuing country in the field below. If the Netverify supports the country, you will see a list of ID types.

Choose the ID type you want to use to verify your identity.

Step 5: Upload or Take a Photo of Your Document

Choose whether you want to upload a photo of your document or scan an image of your document.

Follow the instructions on the screen for the option that you choose.


You only have two attempts to verify your identity. If you have any problems or have used your two attempts, please contact

Step 6: Finish the Verification Process

When your upload finishes, you'll be redirected to Bugcrowd. It may take a few minutes for your identification to process, but when it completes, the "Identity Verified" screen appears.

If you have another nationality you would like to verify, click on the Verify Another Identity button. We recommend that you verify yourself for each nationality you belong to by going through the same verification process steps again.

More Info

Bugcrowd does not store any confidential or personal information about you on our servers. We only note that you have verified your identify and list the country you were verified in.