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Subscribe to Program Updates

Subscribe to any program to receive important update notifications

Subscribing to a particular program will provide you with email notifications of any important changes made on that program's bounty brief. These emails will include details on the exact changes made and will also provide a link to the 'Program Updates' page. There you can find more details on any particular changes made on that specific program.

Subscribe to a Program

There are three ways you can subscribe to a program:

  • The public programs page
  • The program page
  • By submitting a report to a program

First, you may manually subscribe by selecting the 'Subscription Star.' You may find this star on the public programs page on the Bugcrowd website. A filled star indicates you have been subscribed and agree to receive any important updates made to that program.

A subscription star also appears on the program page as well.

You may also be automatically subscribed once you submit your first bug to that specific public program. Also, you will be automatically subscribed upon accepting an invitation to a private program.

Unsubscribe to a Program

You may unsubscribe to a program at any time by deselecting the 'Subscription Star.' An unfilled star indicates that you have been unsubscribed to the program and will no longer receive any important updates made to this program.

Unsubscribe to a Program That Has Ended

Once a program has ended, there is only one way to unsubscribe to that program. First, on the right hand side of the public programs page, select the 'Following' tab.

Any program that has ended will appear faint, however you will still be able to unsubscribe to this program by simply deselecting the 'Subscription' icon.