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Setting Up Payment Methods

Bugcrowd supports the following online payment methods:

You must set up at least one payment method for you to receive any payouts. It is recommended that you set up both a PayPal and Payoneer account, as some programs can only make payments to one provider or the other.


You can setup only one PayPal and one Payoneer account at any given time. Payments cannot be split across multiple accounts.

New Payment Method: Bank Transfer

Bugcrowd now offers Bank Transfer as a new payment method option for researchers. However, this is currently in Beta phase and is available only for a subset of researchers. For more information about this payment method, see setting up bank transfer payment method.

Navigating to Payment Details Tab

On your profile icon, click Account settings.

Click Payment details.

The Payment details page is displayed.

Setting up Payment Details for Paypal

  1. In the Payment methods section, in the PayPal Email field, provide the email address that is linked to your PayPal account.

Do not have PayPal account

If you do not have a PayPal account, click Sign up. You will be directed to PayPal’s website to set up an account. After setting up your account, enter the email address you used to set up your PayPal account into the PayPal Email field, then click “Save.”

  1. Click Save to confirm your changes.

After you add your PayPal account, a confirmation message is displayed and the status changes to Connected.

Setting Up Payment Details for Payoneer

  1. In the Payment methods section, in Payoneer, click Register with Payoneer.

You will be redirected to Payoneer's registration page.

  1. Select one of the following as the preferred payment method:
    • Prepaid MasterCard card: Payment will be credited to your prepaid MasterCard.
    • Bank Transfers: Payment will be credited to your bank account.
      The following screen shows the option selected as Prepaid MasterCard Card.

The following screen shows the option selected as Bank Transfers.

  1. After selecting the required option, click SIGN UP.

Payoneer prompts you to create a new account or to log in to an existing account.

  1. Provide the required information and complete the registration or log in process.

New Payoneer Accounts

If you are creating a new Payoneer account, it may take some time for your account to be verified. You will receive an email from Payoneer after your account is approved to receive the payments.

  1. After you finish either signing into Payoneer or setting up a new Payoneer account, the Payee ID is automatically displayed in the Payoneer section and the status changes to Connected.

If you want to add your Payoneer account again, click reconfigure your account? and provide the required information.

If the status Is displayed as Initiated, then it indicates that your Payoneer registration is incomplete. After you complete your registration, the status is updated to Connected.

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Setting Up Payment Methods

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