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Setting Up Payment Methods

Bugcrowd supports the following online payment systems:

It's important that you add at least one of these payment methods to your account. However, if applicable, we recommend you sign up for both Payoneer and PayPal as some programs on Bugcrowd will only payout researchers through one of these two providers.

Setting Up Your Payment Details for Paypal

To add your PayPal account:

  1. Go to the Account settings in your Researcher profile.
  2. Next, go to the Payment Methods tab.
  3. Enter the email address linked to your PayPal account in the PayPal Email field.
  1. Click the Save button on the left to confirm your changes.
  2. Verify your PayPal account set up has been completed. The PayPal account status will change to Connected, appearing in a green box if the account has successfully been added.

Setting Up Your Payment Details for Payoneer

To add a Payoneer account:

  1. Go to the Account settings in your Researcher profile.
  2. Next, go to the Payment Methods tab.
  3. Click the Register with Payoneer button. You will be redirected to Payoneer's registration page.
  1. From the registration page, you can choose your preferred payment method, whether through a prepaid Mastercard cards or Bank Transfer.
  1. After you make a selection, Payoneer will prompt you to create a new account or to login to an existing account.
  1. Follow the appropriate path and fill out the required information to complete the registration or login process. Once complete, you will be directed back to your account page.

New Payoneer Accounts

If you are creating a new Payoneer account, it may take some time for your account to be verified.You'll receive an email from Payoneer after your account has been approved to get payments.

  1. Confirm that after your Payoneer account has been verified, your account page has been updated with your Payoneer account information and your account status is changed to "Connected." This appears as a green box in the upper right of the section.

Please note:

You may only have one PayPal and one Payoneer account connected at any given time. Payments may not be split across multiple accounts.

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