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Preferred Payment Method

Your preferred payment method will be the account you will receive your rewards through. You may configure multiple payment methods. However, only your preferred payment method will be used to receive rewards.

Choosing a Preferred Payment Method

  1. Go to your Bugcrowd researcher profile and click on Account Settings
  2. Next, go to the Payment methods tab.
  3. If you have connected multiple types of payment methods, you will see a “Preferred payment method” section in the “Manage payments” box, at the top of the page.
  1. Use the drop-down menu to select the method you prefer to be paid via.
  1. When you are happy with your selection, click the save button to confirm your choice.
    Changing a Preferred Payment Method.

You can easily change which method the platform will pay you through, by selecting another available method from the drop-down menu at any time.

You can change your PayPal address or Payoneer account while that method is set to preferred

  • The changes do NOT require you to reset the preferred status.
  • Removing a payment method will remove it as your preferred method, and the method will no longer appear in the list of available methods to select from.
  • If you have only 2 methods, and you delete one from your account, the option to select a preferred method will be removed from your account page, until you add a second method again.

Preferred Payment Method

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