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Joinable Programs

If a program is enabled as Joinable, you can self-join a private program if you meet the eligibility criteria for that program.

To join a program:

  1. On the Programs tab, select the Joinable filter option.
    The joinable private programs are displayed.
  2. Click View details for the selected program.

The Program details are displayed.

  1. Click Join program.


Only if you meet the eligibility criteria displayed in Program requirements (on the right side), then Join Program is enabled and it allows you to join the program. Else, it is disabled.

The Disclosure policy pop-up message is displayed.

  1. Click Accept terms.

The Program joined message and the Program details page is displayed.

  1. To submit a vulnerability, click Submit report.

The Report a vulnerability page is displayed. For information on how to submit a vulnerability, see reporting a bug.

Updated 3 months ago

Joinable Programs

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