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Email Filter

Utilize email filters to archive low priority emails

Occasionally, some bug bounty programs will end up sending out a substantial number of irrelevant emails to users. These are often the result of other researchers testing - for instance, if a researcher has an admin account, who receives notifications upon certain interactions, then he or she will get emails anytime another tester performs an action. These tend to create noise for researchers and can drown out other, more important messages in their inbox. Because of this, it is often helpful to create an email filter that will redirect these emails to a designated 'Bugcrowd' folder bypassing the inbox and enabling you to better process these messages.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Forget!

Remember to regularly check your newly created folder - especially when you're invited to a new program. Programs often deliver credentials in the form of an activation email, etc. When credentials are sent by email they will appear in this folder, so be sure to check it at the start of any program.

Follow the steps below to setup an email filter:

Creating Email Filter in Gmail

To create an email filter in Gmail, select the gear icon on the right-hand side of the screen and select settings

Once on the settings page, navigate to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab and select Create a new filter

In the From field, enter then select Create filter with this search

Next, check the Skip the Inbox (Archive it) box and the Apply the label: box. Then select the Choose label drop-down box

Create a new label to redirect and archive the @bugcrowdninja emails by selecting New label - enter a name of your choice and select Create

Last, select the box Also apply filter to X matching conversation to archive all existing emails into the newly created label/folder - then select the blue Create filter button

All incoming and existing emails will now be stored in the newly created label/folder found on the left-hand side of Gmail

Updated 2 years ago

Email Filter

Utilize email filters to archive low priority emails

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