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CrowdStream and Coordinated Disclosure

Posted by Mythri Sathyan 2 months ago

CrowdStream is Bugcrowd's public activity feed and displays the activities for unresolved, resolved, or coordinated disclosed submissions depending on the configured level of visibility for a program....


Achievement Badges

Posted by Barnett Klane 2 months ago

Competing among the crowd is commonplace; whether it's who has gotten the most findings or who has provided the highest impact, researchers want to share their achievements and see how they stack up. ...


Program Feedback when Ignoring or Hiding

Posted by Barnett Klane 3 months ago

With program invitations, researchers were previously required to accept the invitation before they could understand the terms of the program. Going forward, we have decoupled the ability to become el...


Submission Retesting

Posted by Barnett Klane 4 months ago

Once a vulnerability is patched, program owners will often have the issue retested to help verify that the fix was successful. Researchers are uniquely positioned to complete this black-box retest to ...



Posted by Barnett Klane 6 months ago

At Bugcrowd, we're in the business of sourcing the best researchers for a program’s needs, taking into consideration the researcher's skills and trusted qualifications to ensure they can deliver. To e...


Safe Harbor

Posted by Barnett Klane 7 months ago

Security research requires explicit permission to begin testing, but even with that, the lack of clear legal scope can put hackers, companies and consumers at risk. Now with our safe harbor tracking i...


Researcher Collaboration

Posted by Barnett Klane 8 months ago

To ensure success in finding priority vulnerabilities, security researchers often leverage the learnings of others through write-ups, blogs, podcasts and more. At the same time, researchers are beginn...


Public Program Credential Support and Improved Target Management

Posted by Barnett Klane 9 months ago

Program onboarding is a key component to program success. We recently released a Crowdcontrol feature that streamlines credential management for easier researcher onboarding and workflow. Customers r...


Image Embeds

Posted by Barnett Klane 10 months ago

When writing vulnerability reports and submissions, it is vital to be as clear and detailed as possible to help streamline triage, validation, and acceptance. The markdown fields allowed for rich text...


Payoneer Update

Posted by Richard Yang 11 months ago

Hackers can now delete their connected Payoneer account within Payment Methods.