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Getting on the Leaderboard

The Leaderboard lists the top 10 researchers who have the most kudos points. This list represents the most active researchers who consistently produce reliable and high-quality reports.

So, if you want to get on the Leaderboard, keep finding real, critical bugs. Over time, the more valid reports you have, the more kudos you'll earn. And the more kudos you earn, well, you get the point. Just keep earning them!

Viewing the Leaderboard for the Previous Month

The researchers recognized on the monthly Leaderboard earned the most kudo points during that month.

The Leaderboard updates at the beginning of every month, so every month presents a new opportunity to make it onto the Leaderboard. Happy hunting!

To see who has earned the most kudos points last month, go to the Leaderboard.

The default view shows the monthly Leaderboard.

Viewing the All-Time Leaderboard

The all-time Leaderboard shows the top 10 researchers who have the most total kudos points. These are the hardest working, most active, and most awesome researchers in the crowd.

To see who has the most total kudos points, go to the Leaderboard and choose All Time.

Share Your Success On Facebook and Twitter

The leaderboard provides a quick share link at the bottom of the leaderboard so you can share your success on Bugcrowd with the rest of the world!

To share on Facebook, click the Facebook link as shown below.

To share on Twitter, click the Twitter link as shown below.