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Finding A Program

Public programs are open to all researchers while private programs require you to be invited, and often have additional requirements which define which Researchers may qualify for participation, including but not limited to geographical restrictions (for app/service availability), trust (like Identity Verification) or specific skill competency (Binary, Code Review, IoT, etc.). Each program’s brief specifies it’s specific disclosure policy and rules that you must follow.

We strive to standardize bounty briefs to limit the time needed to get started; the bounty brief always clearly calls out unusual requirements that you are expected to follow during your testing - this is why you must always read the entire brief before beginning to test and why you must agree before you report any submission that you have followed all requirements of the bounty brief.

Check before you submit Out Of Scope!

Testing anything outside of the explicitly approved scope without at least first checking with carries the risk of a submission being marked Out-of-Scope and may result in additional disciplinary actions.

Public Program Participation

A complete list of the Bugcrowd managed Public programs can be found here, and can be used to build your status as a Bugcrowd Researcher and become a member of our Crowd.

There are many different types of bounty programs available on Bugcrowd. To understand the different program types Bugcrowd offers to Program Owners, refer to our "Bugcrowd Programs at a Glance."

Use a Preset Filter:

You can apply filters to find programs you want to participate in. The following pre-set filters are available:

  • All – Shows every program that is publicly available.
  • Reward – Shows every program that pays a cash reward and kudos.
  • Points Only – Shows every program that does not pay out monetary rewards.
  • Charity – Shows programs that belong to a charity or non-profit organization.
  • Participating – Shows all programs that you're currently participating in.
  • Accepted Invites – Shows all programs you've been invited to and have accepted to participate.
  • Pending Invites – Shows all programs that you have been invited to, but have not yet accepted.

Searching for Programs with Custom Filters

To find the best program that matchings your particular program preferences, you can filter add additional variables to the search bar, refining your program suggestions.

Click the “Search Options” button above the upper right corner of the search bar to see a list of currently available filters. You can also click within the search bar to see recommended filters, and suggestions will also be shown as you type. Some of the options are visible in the image below. Don’t forget to scroll down, there are many options!

What's Next

Create your own Filter to find the exact programs you're interested in:

Filtering Programs

Finding A Program

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