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Becoming a Researcher

Bug bounty programs provide opportunities for you to find and disclose vulnerabilities to companies. In return, companies reward you for your contributions to acknowledge your efforts. Over time, you can build up your reputation as a highly qualified and reliable security researcher while stockpiling cash, kudos, and swag.

Who can be a researcher?

Anyone can sign up to be a researcher. To become a researcher, you just need to sign up for an account.

All of our researchers can participate in any public bug bounty program that we run. However, some programs may require that you go through some additional identity checks before you can participate in their programs.

What rewards can I get?

There are two main rewards:

  • Kudos points – These are points that Bugcrowd award you when you submit a valid vulnerability. Bugcrowd uses kudos points to measure the quality, impact, and volume of your submissions. Points affect your rank, which reflects the reliability and quality of vulnerabilities that you discover. The more kudos points that you accumulate, the better chance you have of making it onto our Leaderboard, the Hall of Fame for a particular bounty, and receive private program invitations.

  • Monetary – This is the financial compensation that you receive from a company when you submit a valid vulnerability to their bug bounty program.

What are the rules?

We have a Code of Conduct and Standard Disclosure Terms provide guidelines for you to follow to help us create a safe and respectful community for researchers.

Before you get started, we highly recommend that you read our Code of Conduct and Standard Disclosure Terms to learn what is expected from you. We want to make sure that we're all on the same page before you join the crowd and participate in our programs.

How will I be evaluated and measured?

Each time you participate in a program, you have an opportunity to earn kudos points.

Besides kudos points, you're also measured by quality of your reports, the impact of your discoveries, your activity level, and the amount of trust you've established by following all of our terms. For more information on how we measure researcher performance, Click Here.

How do I create an account?

  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign Up > Become a Researcher.
  1. Fill out the following fields:

    • Username
    • Email
    • Password
  1. BE sure to thoroughly read and then agree to the terms and conditions.
  1. Click the Start finding bugs button.

Bugcrowd sends an e-mail that contains confirmation instructions for your account. Follow the instructions outlined in the e-mail to finish creating your account.

Becoming a Researcher